Our Lady of the lake

A beautiful iconic landmark to be preserved

Lantern Room

Mid 1800's French craftsmanship at it's best.

A Beacon of Hope

Guiding the way for generations of ships

Protect & Preserve

Sealed up to prevent further decay


The emerald Turquoise waters of Georgian Bay


One of six "Imperial Towers" built on the Great Lakes, the Nottawasga Lighthouse has been an iconic local landmark for over 150 years.  With its impressive masonry construction and intricate finishing details of European origin, the Nottawasaga Lighthouse has provided safe passage for both commercial ships and recreational boaters around the treacherous shoals and shallow waters that guard the entrance to Collingwood's harbour.

Having saved countless lives through its 159 year history, the life of the Nottawasaga Lighthouse is now endangered itself and needs saving. Lighthouses such as this have played an integral role in Canada's maritime history and in particular, Collingwood's Shipbuilding past. Although no longer a "lighted" navigational aid, the mere physical presence of this towering structure serves to assist recreational boaters in visually navigating their way safety back to the safe harbour in Collingwood both in good weather and in bad.

The Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society (NLPS) is a registered charity dedicated to the restoration and protection of the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse. Preserving its history for present and future generations of Canadians to enjoy while ensuring its role as a navigational landmark continues.

We need your help to preserve this unique part of Canada's Great Lakes history. Join NLPS as a MEMBER, make a DONATION or VOLUNTEER to help in whatever capacity you feel comfortable with.

To learn more about the past history and current status of this unique piece of Canada's maritime heritage, please visit the HISTORY page of this website or CONTACT US for further information as to how you can help us in our Mission to save this unique and iconic structure.

It was a fine day for Collingwood when Ian and Joanne Duff swung open the doors of The Huron Club and welcomed the community. They support local talent, local activities and many local groups and organizations. We are so grateful that they have become regular supporters of the NLPS. We thank them for their recent donation, proceeds from Elvis. Thank you. Thank you VERY much!!

The Board of Directors of the NLPS is seen here with Eha Kajak who has made a generous donation in honour of her late husband, Rupert Bronsdon, developer and founder of Lighthouse Point and Rupert's Landing. The donation will be used for the restoration of the lantern room. Thank you Eha! Thanks also to Sherry Budovitch Rioux for the photo. It was good seeing you both at our barbecue.

Thank you Curly Willow

The Curly Willow, a new restaurant in town, has stepped up to help our Lighthouse. They serve fantastic lunches and in July and August are hosting dinners to benefit the NLPS and the hospital. 5 course gourmet dinner with wine for $45..00 plus $20.00 donation.($65) Book now! The NLPS will receive $20.00 from each dinner served on July 27th and August 10th. There is limited seating so reserve now. Thanks Mike and Linda for your generosity. Your store and cafe are a lovely part of our downtown.

Paul Avery Video

Michael Story Hawkwood Films


Download the form here:  Buy a Block Campaign

Our thanks go out to two very community minded people. Richard and Laura Wilson, owners of Agnora Glass, very generously donated $50,000.00 to the Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society. Our Board of Directors is grateful to be one of the many worthwhile groups supported by the Wilsons. Please visit the Agnora website and learn about this remarkable, state-of-the-art business which employs 75 local workers. Many awards have come their way since the founding in 2011. www.agnora.com

Andrew Peycha

Limited Edition Print by Andrew Peycha.
Only 200 signed and numbered prints!
John & Carol Sanders commissioned Andrew Peycha many years ago and he agreed to have his work copied. We are very grateful to him for supporting the restoration of the lighthouse.