About Our Organization

Officially incorporated in 2015, the Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society is a volunteer run, not-for-profit corporation that is dedicated to the restoration, preservation and protection of the historic Nottawasaga Lighthouse.

Navigational aids such as lighthouses have had a long and storied role in Canada's maritime history and nowhere is this more evident that on our Great Lakes.  Although they are no longer deemed necessary, the victims of technology such as radar, GPS and other forms of electronic navigation, lighthouses such as the one situated on Nottawasaga Island have made important contributions to the communities in which they are located. While their traditional role in guiding ships safety into the various ports around the Great Lakes is no longer required, the Nottawasaga Lighthouse Preservation Society believes there is still an economic purpose these unique structures can provide.

Working with various governmental agencies including the Federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Public Works, the Society hopes to acquire and restore the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse, eventually reconstructing the lightkeeper's residence. This will help ensure that the heritage resources of the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse are protected through restoration and preservation in a manner that respects their significant and irreplaceable historical legacy.

These efforts will include:

• Researching, acquiring and preserving property and documentary records pertaining to the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse and transportation on the Great Lakes generally, in recognition of their cultural & historical importance

• Developing interpretive and educational programs, which further the understanding and appreciation of the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse’s contribution to Canada’s historic and cultural heritage

• Operating the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse as a historic site to showcase the lighthouse’s valuable historic resources and to stimulate awareness, knowledge and appreciation of Canada’s marine heritage

• Protecting the ecosystem that currently exists around the Nottawasaga Island Lighthouse by managing development of the site under a strict mandate of environmental conservation and sustainability

• The Board of the NLPS recognizes and respects the long established nesting habits of the many species of rare and protected birds on the Nottawasaga Island and will continue to consider any implications as we move forward with the restoration of the lighthouse in this environmentally-sensitive area.


We believe that by creating a unique and accessible destination experience, it will serve to enhance tourism in the area while serving to educate the public-at-large regarding the significant importance that the Nottawasga Lighthouse and its five "Imperial Tower" siblings have made to our local maritime history and culture.

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